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How to create Six Sigma Histograms? Download free template in MS Excel Spreadsheet

Histograms are used to represent continuous data in the form of a diagram or chart. In the Analysis stage of DMAIC, Six Sigma histogram tools are used. Typically Histograms are represented as bar charts. Large amounts of data that is difficult to understand if represented in a tabular spreadsheet form. In the Measure stage of […]

What are Hidden Factory, Cost of Quality? The two types of cost of quality – Visible and Hidden

What is cost of quality defects? Cost of quality defects is the cost incurred due to poor quality. The cost can be measured as a percentage of lost sales. For many companies, the costs for quality defects amounts up to 40% of total sales turnover. In other words, you can improve your sales by up […]

Design FMEA (DFMEA) Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn: Completing the Design FMEA Form: Identifying the Product Function Identifying Potential Failure Modes Identifying Potential Failure Effects Determining the Severity of the Effect Identifying Potential Cause(s) of the Failure Mode Determining the Probability of Occurrence of the Failure Mode Identifying Design Verifications for the Causes Determining the Probability of […]

FMEA Tutorial

Definition of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Failure Mode The manner in which the product/part or service does not meet the customer’s expectations Effects Analysis A study of the effects of failure on the function or purpose of the product/part or service The customer could be external to the company, or internal (within the company). […]