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What is Six Sigma Quality Function Deployment (QFD)? Download Free Excel QFD Template

In Six Sigma DMAIC, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a methodology and tool used in the Define stage. QFD is used to: Collect customer’s requirements/desires as specified by the customers in their own words Prioritize these desires Translate them into engineering/process requirements Establish targets to meet the requirements. QFD is also termed as: Voice of […]

How to create and use Six Sigma SIPOC tool? Download Free SIPOC tool Template in Excel Spreadsheet

What is SIPOC SIPOC is a Six Sigma tool used in the phase 1 or the “Define Phase” of the DMAIC process, to gather information about any process. SIPOC stands for: Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Output and Customers. A SIPOC tool is usually an Excel spreadsheet which lists all the five elements into five columns as […]